Vyverberg helps entrepreneurs in
horticulture realise their dream.

In this process our main focus is on economically sound operational management and on contributing to a sustainable world.
Our clients are mostly horticultural businesses, but we also have good relations with investors who view horticulture as an attractive form of sustainable development.

A complete construction project, from idea to a fully functional greenhouse, can sometimes have a very long lead-time. This is due to factors such as redevelopment and requests for permits and subsidies. In some cases a project can take several years. Vyverberg has the experience and the expertise to efficiently manage such an extensive project, ensuring that entrepreneurs can fully concentrate on running their company.

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Vyverberg can produce the design for both renovations and new builds. Your wishes are our starting point and we factor in development plans, permits, the Building Inspectorate and building requirements. Besides the greenhouse itself, the working space, technical installations and logistic processes can also be incorporated into the design. Vyverberg carries out the feasibility study and takes care of the construction estimates and the budget. In addition, we can also help setting up requests for funding and subsidies.

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It is one of our specialties to expertly and independently manage multiple parties – some of which have conflicting interests – in a professional way. Previous to construction we have a preliminary technical consultation with all contractors and installers. We oversee the process of preparing the land for development and draft a Health and Safety plan. In the next phase we supervise the construction, chair construction meetings and inspect the project’s progress and execution on site. Lastly, we supervise the setting up of all installations and take care of delivering the project.

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Business Operations

Vyverberg offers a wide range of additional services. We carry out measurements and write the reports that are needed for requesting permits or certifications. We can make any type of 2D or 3D drawing. And in addition, we are a registered valuer of horticultural businesses.
Vyverberg can also offer financial support for your operational management. Together with your accountant we provide the financial control both during the project and at its completion. If you wish, we can also take on the financial management for an entire construction project.

Vyverberg is very proud of its broad range of
clients and projects.

We work with many types of horticulture both in the Netherlands and abroad. We advise on construction projects ranging from 50 square meters to many hectares, with our activities varying from valuations to managing an entire new build project.

Vyverberg has a lot of experience with energy technology such as cogeneration, storage of heat and cold, solar and wind power, bio-energy and Son-T and LED lighting. We can give you a clear insight into your energy consumption and determine the ideal combination of energy technology for your company.

Vyverberg’s people are the key to its success.

We’re a close-knit team of experienced, passionate professionals who are not afraid to offer independent and honest advice.

Vyverberg has a leading role in horticulture. Our expertise links practice and theory and embraces separate fields such as logistics, energy, technology and finance. We are not bound to suppliers, we work in accordance with all legal guidelines and we are the first certified horticultural consultancy firm in the Netherlands. Together with our clients we contribute to a field that, on a global
scale, is at the forefront of applying innovative and sustainable technology.

Sustainable horticulture can only succeed when it’s profitable for every part of the chain. The corresponding investments require a clear long- term vision. By focusing on recycling water, raw materials and energy and by optimizing logistics, together we can ensure that the consumer receives the product in perfect condition.