Vyverberg helps entrepreneurs in the horticulture industry to realise their dreams.

Vyverberg helps …

As an independent agency, Vyverberg assists entrepreneurs and investors in the national and international food and horticulture industries with complex projects. We believe that, with the right approach, economically healthy business operations can go hand in hand with sustainable use of our planet and its natural resources.

Our vision sets us apart

Vyverberg operates in an open, independent and multidisciplinary way. Central to this is the human touch, which enables us to get things done with our hands-on mentality. By ‘human touch’ we mean that we contribute to a world that promotes food security and safety for everyone, within the boundaries of the earth’s resources. This aligns us with the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations:

Zero Hunger

We are committed to locally produced, safe food for everyone.

Responsible Consumption and Production

We are committed to the most circular production possible with fewer waste streams.

Climate Action

We are committed to minimising carbon emissions, by recycling CO2 and using alternative energy sources.

A transparent process

Vyverberg has the knowledge and experience to provide optimum supervision during all phases of the construction of a greenhouse or cultivation cell. This enables entrepreneurs and business managers to focus on running their companies.


During the design phase, a preliminary design is drawn up based on a schedule of requirements. After feedback from the customer, the design is finalised and forms the blueprint for the greenhouse or cultivation cell to be built.


Once the permit has been granted and everything has been thoroughly prepared, Vyverberg will supervise the construction. Our experienced project managers work diligently towards completing and delivering the greenhouse or cultivation cell on time, in close collaboration with the various suppliers.

Business operations

Vyverberg offers various possibilities to improve the operational management of a greenhouse or indoor growing cell before, during and after a construction project. These modules cover various financial, ecological and process-related disciplines.

The physical puzzle

In addition to this process-oriented design of the construction project, Vyverberg has also conveniently mapped out the various physical components of a greenhouse or Indoor growing cell.

Our success is in the people

We are a close-knit team of experienced professionals, who are passionate about their profession and who are not afraid of providing straight forward and independent advice.

Highlighted projects

Vyverberg provides advice on construction projects, ranging in size from 50 square metres to several hectares, for all types of cultivated crops, at home and abroad.

How can we help you realising your dream?

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