Vyverberg works internationally, with a focus on Europe, and is driven by the increasing demand for locally and sustainably grown products in horticultural greenhouses. We believe that sustainable greenhouse horticulture succeeds when this is beneficial and feasible for all parties in the chain.

As an independent agency, Vyverberg assists entrepreneurs and investors with these complex investment projects. Our expertise combines practice and theory and transcends individual disciplines such as logistics, engineering, energy-related technology and finance. We are not tied to suppliers, work in accordance with all applicable guidelines and are the first consultancy agency in the sector to be HortiQ certified. Together with our customers, we contribute to an industry that leads the world.

Human touch

Vyverberg operates in an open, independent and multidisciplinary way. We work with all types of cultivation, at home and abroad, for projects ranging from 50 square metres to several hectares. Central to this is always the human touch, which enables us to get things done with our hands-on mentality.

By ‘human touch’ we mean that we contribute to a world that promotes food security and safety for everyone, within the boundaries of the earth’s resources. We believe that this is possible by designing production processes as circular as possible, while remaining economically viable. We continuously challenge ourselves and our customers to conceive processes that maximise both of these factors.

These values formulated by us are reflected in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as compiled by the United Nations. The SDGs consist of seventeen goals aimed at making the world a better place by 2030. They are a global compass aimed at tackling challenges such as poverty, education and the climate crisis. Our values of ‘producing within the boundaries of the earth’s resources’, ‘food security’ and ‘food safety’ are reflected in the SDGs ‘zero hunger’, ‘responsible consumption and production’ and ‘climate action’.

Zero Hunger

We are committed to locally produced, safe food for everyone.

Responsible Consumption and Production

We are committed to the most circular production possible with fewer waste streams.

Climate Action

We are committed to minimising carbon emissions, by recycling CO2 and using alternative energy sources.

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