Working method

Process supervision from start to finish

A complete construction project, from idea to the completed greenhouse or indoor growing cell, can take a long time to realise, due to factors such as redevelopment, subsidy or permit applications. This can sometimes amount to several years. Vyverberg has the expertise and experience to provide optimum supervision during all phases of such an extensive process. This enables the grower to concentrate on the day-to-day business of running the company. We divide the process into three phases: a design phase, a construction phase and the final business operations phase.

Design phase

Preliminary design

Vyverberg can realise the design for both new buildings and renovation projects. We base our approach on the customer’s wishes, while taking into account zoning plans, permits, requirements regarding the external appearance of buildings and construction requirements. In addition to the greenhouse, we can also include the business premises, technical installations, and logistical processes in the design.

Final design

The final design is the blueprint of the completed greenhouse or cultivation cell. We also provide the necessary measurements and reports for applying for permits or quality labels.

Vyverberg writes the specifications, draws up a budget and takes care of project planning (Gantt Chart). In consultation with the customer, we send invitations to tender to various suppliers and carry out a comparison analysis. We then organise consultations with a number of suppliers for each area of work and, together with the customer, select the right supplier for the job at hand.

Construction phase

Construction supervision

Vyverberg is experienced in managing multiple parties with sometimes conflicting interests, independently and professionally. Prior to construction, we hold preliminary technical consultations with all contractors and installation engineers. We then supervise the site preparation work and the subsequent construction. We chair the construction meetings and monitor progress and implementation on site.


After the construction has been completed, the preparation for cultivation can begin. Once all the installations have been calibrated, the project is completed and the grower can start using the greenhouse or indoor growing cell.

Business operations

Business operations

Vyverberg also offers various additional services. These include calculating whether an investment is cost effective, taking care of project administration and utilising our modules for safety, optimisation and 3D visualisation.

Project management

Vyverberg can also take care of the project management during a project. Properly documenting all activities during the process makes it possible to respond adequately to unforeseen circumstances or evolving insight. After completion and delivery, we can also easily compile an ‘as built’ document.

Feasibility calculations

Major investments require the most complete possible picture of the future situation in advance. Our feasibility calculations module can provide more clarity with respect to the time it takes to make a return on the investment.


During a construction project, everyone must be able to work safely on the construction site. Vyverberg can draw up a Health & Safety Plan (H&S) and subsequently monitor this. In doing so, we adhere to the regulations drawn up by the SCC (Safety, Health and Environment Checklist of Contractors).


Using energy and energy sources more efficiently can often lead to considerable savings. Vyverberg can map out the installations and systems and draw up an optimisation plan, leading to lower energy consumption and therefore cost savings.

3D visualisation

Today, we make a 3D model of every new-build project. It is then possible to use a visualisation program and 3D glasses to look around a greenhouse, cultivation cell or front building before anything has been built. This enables us to give our customers a good idea of a future situation before construction gets under way.

The building blocks in the process

In addition to this process-oriented design of the construction project, Vyverberg has also conveniently mapped out the physical components of a greenhouse or indoor growing cell. All these components together, which are also largely interdependent, can result in a complex puzzle. Vyverberg can provide support in this, even if only a selection of these building blocks is chosen. We distinguish twelve building blocks, summarised below.

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